I aced a remote Ideation Workshop with Miro — here is how and what I have learned.

I knew that I did not want the remote workshop to be a poor version of an on-site one. Therefore, I designed the workshop in a way that uses the remote setting as an advantage — and Miro is a great tool for that.

“House of Ideation” (using Miro) — Source: https://miro.com/miroverse/the-amsterdam-house/

Besides the main goal of a workshop (e.g. creating ideas, education), it should be fun and inspiring for the participants and it should get them out of their daily routine. In a non-remote setting, this is rather easy, using…

You don’t have time to NOT do research

Why Lean UX?

Especially in startups, we are working in an environment of limited resources and the organization has to make clear decisions on what to invest them in. Nevertheless, the result of this should not be, to not invest in research! It is actually the other way around — because of limited resources you do not have the time to NOT do research! Limited resources force you to be way more precise and clear about your research, therefore, Lean UX is essential.

In my opinion, Lean UX is a mindset that impacts the whole company. It combines many different…

Julia Bastian

Head of product @ a Proptech I UX Researcher by heart I Systemic Coach I Scrum Master

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